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Holistic Beauty

A whole world of wellness

Facial Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine vector of your beauty. Facial acupuncture is a type of cosmetic acupuncture that improves the health and the appearance of the skin.It

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Exclusive Treatments

A beautiful skin is the start of the journey. Even if many chemicals products are effective in the short term, they are also toxic to

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Make Up

An art at your disposal to make your seduction bloom. With the use of internet, Instagram filters, Photoshop, we all know how important it is

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Chakra harmonisation

My chakra harmonisation is conducted with mineral stones and it can be done alone or it can be part of a reiki session, a facial

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This healing involves the placing of hands over the body, allowing for a better flow of your vital energies, which will inevetably have an effect

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When stress becomes chronic, biological impacts start to show. This causes the skin to age more quickly, this means that skin becomes thinner, less elastic,

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Holism is more than just a simple word.

It is a way of living that can change your way of life.

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