Exclusive Treatments

A beautiful skin is the start of the journey.


Even if many chemicals products are effective in the short term, they are also toxic to the body. In the long run they become counter productive since the skin eventually suffers.

That is why I use  100 percent natural bio-cosmetics which have aromatherapeutic properties and that allows you to benefit from a deeper, more effective procedure.

From experience, I know that most products will penetrate the skin better and deeper depending on the particular conditions that they are applied under, thus creating an affinity between the skin and the active ingredients.

That is why I always start my treatments with a global relaxation activity, combining deep breathing mixed with essencial oils, adding up to a wonderful aromatherapy experience. This not only serves to allow you to receive a treatment in the best of conditions but also allows your skin to become more receptive.

While a product is acting, I use the time to provide a scalp, feet or hand massage and I also like to harmonise the person with minerals…