The dawn of your beauty

Justine Queignec  – Barcelona

A place to connect with your inner peace

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Holistic Beauty is my official website.
I am Justine Queignec, a beauty therapist in Barcelona, and the ideal person to help you find the best way to reveal your inner beauty.

I am much more than a beauty therapist, i offer a personalised service thanks to my extensive knowledge and various diplomas in different techniques such as facial acupuncture, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, Reiki, harmonization of chakras with minerals and reflexology

13811344_xlDuring my twenty years of practice in three different countries, i have constantly trained myself to develop the services i could offer to my clients until i achieved my own totally holistic method that unifies beauty and well being.

“I have reached the conclusion that cosmetics on their own have their limits and aren’t sufficient in order to attain the results i have always wanted to achieve.
Since then, my objective has been to provide a complete experience of total well being, relaxation and peace more than just improving the physical aspect of my clients….and in so doing awake each person’s true beauty.”

This doesn’t mean that i don’t simply treat the skin or use make up but in fact go much further by suggesting treatments that work in conjunction with reiki, massages, gemmotherapy or nutrition. During the first meeting i offer a personalised consultation that serves to target your needs and essentially fulfill your expectations..

To sum up, Holism is a philosophy that postulates the whole is more powerful that its parts. In terms of beauty, it is a principle that only has long lasting results when applied in its totality. It is only then when long lasting results can be seen which ultimately go much further than the superficial. By combining professional techniques and knowledge we will be able to maintain not only a visible balance but a deep and substantial personal improvement.”

“I spend much of my energies making sure that this philosophy prevails and is applied in a positive, constructive way.”