Make Up

An art at your disposal to make your seduction bloom.

With the use of internet, Instagram filters, Photoshop, we all know how important it is to put across our best side.

I consider make up as an art in itself. For me it is not a simple question of “camouflaging” a person but to bring out what makes us naturally beautiful using a wide range of colours, shadows and highlights. The ultimate aim is to make you feel empowered and totally at ease with yourself.
That’s why make up is the art of adapting and moulding a person’s personality. It is an integral part of my concept of beauty’s holism.

I offer a complete personalised make up service. If you need a session for a special event or if you want to have a class with me in order to learn how to apply make up for yourself in accordance to your day, your taste or mood, I am at your service to teach you to make your natural beauty a weapon of seduction.

If natural beauty is fantastic, a little bit of mascara won’t hurt in the slightest.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to try out a make up session in my professional studio or at your home..

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