When stress becomes chronic, biological impacts start to show. This causes the skin to age more quickly, this means that skin becomes thinner, less elastic, which eventually leads to the appearance of wrinkles, ageing spots and sagging skin.

bigstock-purple-spa-relaxation-7830665Stress is the number one enemy of well being, it affects us at all levels and can have a very serious impact on our physical, mental and emotional health. For all of these reasons, i highly recommend having massage as well as other activities such as yoga or meditation.

This is why holistic massage is included in my well being programme. It improves your physical appearance and increases your inner fulfilment.

My way of working is totally holistic. It doesn’t only concern the outer aspect but i also try to make it work at a level of sensations. The strength, the pace and the oils i might use are decided at the moment. There are cases where i might combine a bit of reiki to liberate a particular tension if need be.

It is important to remember that the tension in your body always shows in your face..